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Solving Cases Using a Skilled Eye for Investigation​

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Investigative Services

When you need skilled and competent investigators to solve your case, take advantage of the services offered by Gumshoe Investigative Service in College Station, Texas. We offer a wide range of criminal and civil investigations within the State of Texas.

Full List of Services

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  • Surveillance

  • Background Checks
  • Litigation Support
  • Asset Search
  • Due Diligence Preparation

  • Domestic Investigations

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  • Worker's Compensation Fraud
  • Personal Injury Investigations
  • Missing Person and Witness Location

  • Personal Injury/Fraud Insurance cases

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  • Corporate Fraud and Embezzlement
  • Covert and Undercover Operations
  • Criminal Cases

  • Theft Detection and Recovery

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Criminal Case Investigations

The police cannot always solve your crime. They cannot always devote their full interest and time to your case. We are committed to you. Knowing law enforcement techniques and using state–of–the–art equipment, we can aid you in securing evidence for a case. Investigations will provide facts that lead to true evidence, good or bad.

Gumshoe Investigative Service can assist attorneys in preparing their criminal defense by locating witnesses, interviewing witnesses, searching for prospective witnesses, background investigations, surveillance, and service of process. False allegations cannot be defended like other cases. You are guilty and you must prove your innocence.

Unsolved Criminal Investigations

Someone has to account for an unsolved criminal act. When the police investigation has reached a dead end and when hope is given up, Gumshoe Investigative Services can investigate and follow any and all leads. These crimes can include unsolved murder/homicide, robberies/theft, and missing/abducted persons.

Knowing that someone cares as much as you do makes a substantial difference in an unsolved case. A case can be decades old and evidence can be collecting dust and sometimes lost. Attempting to identify the person or persons responsible for an unsolved crime and seeking justice for the victims is our objective, it’s not

just a 9 to 5 job.

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death/Civil Suit Investigations

When a person has suffered a physical or psychological injury or wrongful death, as a result of a third party’s negligence such as an accident or medical malpractice. Under tort law, where the accident was the fault of someone else, the injured party may be entitled to monetary compensation from the negligent party.

  • Traffic Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice and Industrial Disease Accidents
  • Accidents at Work or at Home

  • Trip, Slip, and Fall Accidents
  • Defective Products Accidents
  • Accidents Involving Animals Such as Dog Bites

  • False Arrest, Detention, or Imprisonment
  • Malicious Prosecution and Persecution
  • Wrongful Eviction

  • False Imprisonment and Allegations
  • Defamation of Character

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The facts surrounding each investigation are unique. We investigate each claim thoroughly. I will interview witnesses and collect facts, investigating each claim thoroughly; providing detailed reports and evidence discovered from our investigation.

Surveillance and Family Investigations

Cheating, affairs, infidelity, adultery, bigamy, polygamy—No one wants to hear these words. Want the truth? Gumshoe Investigative Services can investigate your claims. Deciding to have your spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend investigated for cheating is a very hard and painful decision to make. Once you do make that decision, we can either confirm or refute suspicions.

If your worst fear is true, we will provide you with detailed reports, and conclusive and irrefutable evidence such as emails, phone records, and/or surveillance records. Although this investigation is most often requested by one of the partners in a relationship, we have also helped parents, children, partners, and concerned friends obtain, and/or verify, the truth concerning an individual. We conduct the surveillance, keep the client informed, and prepare a detailed report.

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Witness/Informant Interviewing and Statement Investigation

Witness statements are crucial to the successful disposition of an attorney’s legal case or claim and investigating a witness statement is essential. The goal to a successful outcome to your case or claim can depend on a witness statement, being able to interview and perform a background investigation can ensure reliability and aid in making informed decisions.

Assumptions can derail a case so obtaining factual unbiased information for a client is paramount. Often informant statements are central to the successful disposition of an attorney’s legal case or claim. Having an informants statement investigated can ensure the successful outcome of your case or claim.

Gumshoe Investigative Service can assess the informant through a background check to ensure reliability before an interview. Time is of the essence in interviewing an informant. An informant is interviewed in person, separately and thoroughly for information that is investigated for accuracy. The statement is recorded in case the informant later changes the facts concerning his or her statement.

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Covert Investigations

Theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, sexual harassment, and vandalism––Businesses cannot afford these illegal activities at the workplace.

Deciding to have your employees or your workplace investigated for theft, drugs, alcohol, harassment, and vandalism can improve your work environment and your profit margin.

We can meet with your company representative to discuss your goals and assess your needs and insert one or more undercover agents and private investigators in your organization. During the course of this undercover investigation, we will accumulate detailed reports, and conclusive evidence such as surveillance records (photos, videos and/or audio recordings), emails, interviews, and/or phone records.

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Custody Investigations

We collect pieces of evidence, such as photos and videos. We identify the risks related to the possibility of parental abduction. Background check also shows family relations, incomes, previous addresses, cars, real estates, social security numbers, and a lot more.

Witness Location, Skip Trace, and People Search

Locating and identifying a witness or involved party for an attorney’s legal case, or recovery of stolen property is vital to a case. Using “skip trace” or “skip tracking” are terms used in the process of finding a person, I also believe that “boots on the ground” is essential in locating a person of interest.

A background check to contact any family members, neighbors, employers, known associates, former and current spouses or partners will aid in this search. We will provide you with detailed reports, and if required surveillance records (photos, videos, and/or audio recordings).

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Listening Device Detection and Invasion of Privacy

Do you feel that people have too much information about you? Photos appearing online or being passed around? Do people know intimate details and you have no idea why?

Gumshoe offers commercial and residential sweeps and searches for all kinds of devices. We have highly advanced equipment to search for all types of devices both visual and audio.

Privacy is very hard to come by with the size of devices, personal drones and low cost for devices. You can never be too safe.

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Divorce and Child Custody Investigation

Surveillance is key in most areas of divorce.  Breaking normal habits/routines, sometimes changes in personal grooming habits are often a sign of infidelity.  More than usual texting/emails and phone calls taken where no one else can hear.

As private investigators, we use surveillance is the best way to see if a party is in violation of child custody orders.  The courts put in writing the particulars in child custody as well as what the parents obligations are to be when that parent has custody.  The child's safety is paramount.

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Background Investigations

Are you planning on hiring a new employee but have a feeling that they may not be completely honest with you? Do you feel that your partner may not be the person you thought you knew? Or do you just feel a relationship isn't quiet right?

We can help with that. Gumshoe Investigative Service offers complete and detailed reports for your Employee background check which goes above and beyond some legal requirements and no one ever knows..

We believe a person should be well informed with who they are do business with well beforehand. Searching people on the internet is only as good as the information disclosed by the subject themselves.  It is not enough when people attempt to hide using fake names, using dead person's Social Security numbers, not to mention the waves of identity thefts.

In addition, if you would like to know if a person has any criminal convictions on the county, state, and federal levels, we can check all 50 states and Interpol.

Educational and Professional Licenses

We can verify educational and professional licenses in a majority of states.

Insurance Investigations

Insurance Companies/Owners of Private Companies or Corporations

Worker’s Compensation Checks

We investigate companies and employees who are receiving weekly benefits for injuries on the job. While off from their jobs and recouping, some employees take a job to supplement their income. We do surveillance to see if the employees are doing other jobs.

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Insurance Claims

Insurance companies don’t always have an adjuster in the area where an accident occurred but need it investigated. We have an adjuster license and previous experience as claims managers and adjusters. Death cases or serious injury cases need special attention.

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Mobile Surveillance

Whether in rural or urban areas, we have fully equipped vehicles capable of traveling anywhere to check any type of insurance claim.

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